Composer / Producer / Musician  Dave Waterbury has had his
music production facilities
in the Valley of LA since 1997.
 Using ProTools HD II, he has worked with many well-known artists, as well as many up-and-coming future-stars of tomorrow.  Whether you have a band,
or you need music made for you,  Dave can record your music,
or custom-compose and produce radio-ready music for your needs.

Dave has had over 50 of his songs in films and TV.
Here is four of Dave's tunes ;

"80 Miles An Hour"  -  -
"Make It Real" -  -  -  - 
"Nuthin' Wrong With Me" -

"Nu Johnny Bee Goode"

Dave Waterbury played bass with SPIRIT on 3 tours in the 80's, with
Randy California, Ed Cassidy, and Scott Monahan.   Their hits included
"Mr. Skin",  " I Got A Line On You",   "Nature's Way",
"Fresh Garbage",  "Dark Eyed  Woman",  and many others.

Dave played bass with The BOXTOPS on their 1979 tour.  
Their hits included  "Cry Like A Bay",  "The Letter", and "Soul Deep".

In the studio or on-stage,  Dave has
played with many excellent artists including; 

Robbie Krieger of The DOORS
  Terri Nunn of Berlin,    Mark Kendal of Great White,
Leon Abner of Michael Jackson,   Anthony of Suicidal Tendencies,
  David Eagle of Ohm and Tina Turner, 
the late, great Randy California,   
The Doobie Brothers (Michael McDonald and Keith Knutsen),

"Guitar Jack" Wargo,   Uli Jon Roth of The Scorpians, 
Marco Mendoza  (of WhiteSnake, Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy),
Irv of Ray Charles,    Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders,
   Betsy of "Bitch",  
The Zeroes' Sammy Serious,
Chris Poland of MegaDeth and Ohm,
  Danny Boy of House of Pain
Ian of Tears For Fears,  drummer Brian Tichy,
Judy of 4 Non-Blondes,   and many, many more. 

Contact Dave to produce your next recording.


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